Customise my Fish Box

THE PERFECT GIFT WHEN TRAVELLING ABROAD  | Flying Fish Box BUNDLES are specifically prepared to be ready to take as baggage when you fly from Seychelles to international destinations.  BOXES ARE DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO THE AIRPORT 3 HOURS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT.   


2KG  |  5KG  |  10KG  |  20KG

Flying Fish Box offer you the opportunity to make up your very own Fish Boxes ranging from 2KG to 20 KG.  After selecting your preferred box size you can make up your own fish selection and box in 3 simple steps. [1] Select Fish  [2] Add a Fish Health Certificate (if required)  [3] Approve our Charges for the Service & selected Cold Box. 


2KG  |  5KG  |  10KG  |  20KG

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