About Ocean Basket Seychelles


From Ocean to Plate - Bon Appétit!

Ocean Basket (Proprietary) Limited proudly owns the Flying Fish Box Brand, establishing itself as a registered and licensed Fish & Seafood Processor in Seychelles. Committed to the highest quality and international standards, the company is HACCP-compliant and has recently undergone inspection by the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in 2023.

Distributing fresh and frozen seafood products to various markets, including Europe, the United States, United Kingdom, the Middle East, Asia, and many other countries worldwide, Ocean Basket is a flagship of Seychelles' fisheries industry. With 100% ownership by Seychellois, the company, incorporated in Seychelles, plays a crucial role in enhancing the country's global competitiveness.

Founded over 10 years ago by Seychellois owners deeply rooted in the fishery business, Ocean Basket continually expands and diversifies its sustainable value chains. This commitment supports the processing and value-adding of fish and seafood caught by fishermen operating in Seychelles waters.

Driven by Sustainability:

Ocean Basket's Vision and Mission center around the belief that the Blue Economy, especially Seychelles' fisheries sector, must be sustainable. The company is dedicated to optimizing the utilization of marine resources for the benefit of all Seychellois, emphasizing the importance of avoiding over-exploitation of critical stocks and minimizing waste.

Our Ethos:

Ocean Basket's ethos revolves around the conservation of fish populations, habitats, and marine ecosystems. This commitment is enacted through practices that prioritize catching fewer fish while maintaining or increasing returns. This approach ensures the sustainable use of Seychelles' fish resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

Focus on Quality & Freshness:

Quality, freshness, and compliance with international food safety standards are paramount in Ocean Basket's business strategy. The company meticulously maintains the cold chain in all its product offerings to deliver the highest quality seafood products.

The Cold Chain:

From landing the fish to offloading, grading, inspection, and further processing, Ocean Basket ensures the strict maintenance of the cold chain. The company focuses on sustainable fishing practices for its fresh tuna products, bleeding and cleaning each fish immediately upon landing. From whole fish to loins, each shipment is carefully processed to meet client specifications and reach the market as fresh as possible.

Fresh off the boat (kept on ice) - Sustainable Long-Liner Fishing Boats!

Graded and sorted A+ to C

Preparation of Tuna Loins


 Packed & Shipped (always in the cold chain)

Fresh to market Ready to eat (raw or cooked)

Product Line-Up:

Ocean Basket strategically offers fresh tuna products and high-grade fresh white-flesh fish like Red Snapper, Grouper, Etelis, Job, etc. Processing approximately 3 tons of fresh fish per day (with a capacity of 5 tons), the company meets seasonal supply demands.


In addition to its primary product line, Ocean Basket processes approximately 3,000 tons of by-catch annually from industrial tuna fishing vessels. This by-catch is exported to fish distribution companies globally, contributing to Ocean Basket's commitment to sustainability and minimizing waste.

 As we continue our journey from the ocean to the plate, Ocean Basket remains dedicated to excellence, sustainability, and delivering the freshest, highest quality seafood products worldwide.


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