ABOUT Savy.Marketing

ABOUT Savy.Marketing

Savy.Marketing was established to provide "Bullet Proof & Safe" e-Commerce solutions for Seychelles based local companies whereby the client seeks a turn-key eCommerce solution that will ensure their payments are received directly into their local eCommerce bank account.  Up until recently this has been a  real challenge and the domain of very large companies and operations.   

At Savy.Marketing we have strived for some time to make this happen and today, with great confidence,, we offer such a solution.  We take care of everything from concept, design, copywriting, photography/videography, and all technical and visual aspects.  This will change you business in a very positive way.  

If you wish to develop and publish a secure and solid eCommerce site online, we are the solution providers you should be talking too. Please contact david @ savy . marketing for a free consultation.  

References are available. Thank you for your interest.  

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